Below we indicate the most frequently asked questions in order to solve your doubts.

How do I register?

You must go to the upper right section of our page where you enter Register and fill in the information. Once filled in with your password, a user will be created. Also at the time of bidding, if you have not registered, you will be notified that you must register to bid, and in that same notice you can register.

Do I need to register to bid?

Yes, the registration in Europa Auction is necessary both to buy and to sell in our portal.

Is the registration free?

Registering on our website is a free process.

How do I place a bid?

Once you are in the detail of the lot for which you want to make the bid you must choose the amount in the "Bid for this lot" drop-down. Then you must click on the "Bid" button. The system will show you a pop-up window with the amount of your bid, the commission of our portal, the corresponding taxes and the total that would result in your invoice. You must click on "Accept" to validate your bid or "Cancel" to cancel the operation. The fact that you place a bid implies that you agree to complete the purchase process.>

Can I see the lot before bidding?

Of course, you just have to contact us to arrange a visit before the bid.

Do the batch machines have a guarantee?

No, the machines will be sent as they are auctioned and will not have a warranty period.

Can I withdraw a bid once it has been made?

The withdrawal of bids is forbidden, so we kindly ask you to think about your bid before doing it, because in case you are the maximum bidder the batch will be awarded.

What do I commit to when I bid?

When making a bid you agree to complete the purchase process in the case of being a maximum bidder.

How does the shipment of the batch work?

They may be picked up at the auction location but please inform them in advance to have everything ready, or the delivery to the destination can be handled by notifying also in advance and the expenses will be borne by the buyer.

Can I pick up my lot later?

Once paid, we will keep the lot for 15 days at no cost. Once this period has passed, a charge of € 10 per day will be applied for storage and insurance.

The auction is over and I am the winner of the lot. What should I do to complete the purchase?

At the time the auction of a lot ends, if you have made the highest bid, you are the buyer of that lot. Immediately, Expopercol will send you an email message informing you of its acquisition. You can complete the purchase from the section "My account-> My auctions won" where you will see a list of your won lots. From this section you can pay the lot and manage your invoices. To send the lot you must contact us, to manage if it is going to be by your means or we manage it by running the expenses by the buyer.

Can I receive alerts to track my bid?

Of course, what you should do is press the "Follow" button within the batch detail. As of that moment, you will receive by email all the news and alerts related to that lot.

I have a lot to put on sale. What should I do to publish it on your website?

What you should do is send by email to all the information you have about the lot you want to sell: Measures, description, technical data, etc. including good photographs (well focused) in which the lot is seen, in case of several products, photographs of each of the products, with their respective data and in general any detail of interest as possible damage. Also include your personal data, a contact telephone number and we will answer you with a valuation and auction sale offer.

What is the commission for putting a lot on sale?

Once the lot has been sold,a commission is charged to the seller,per lot,at 15% of the sold price plus taxes.Other corresponding costs such as transportation etc will be charged if are required.

What is the estimated price?

The estimated price is an indicative value that a lot could have in a supposed market.



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